Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School teacher 學校老師

Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School (for Himalayan Children)

Principal: Lama Sangye Tsering
Vice Principal: Jhabindra Subedi (Karma Tsering)
Project Director/Fundraiser: Shirley Blair

PO Box 1287 Tinchuli, Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email (Shirley)

There are many new young nuns from the remote mountain regions of Nepal who have had no education because there are no schools in their villages. Fourty-five nuns are attending Thrangu Rinpoche’s school for children, Shree Mangal Dvip, in Boudhanath. When their schooling is finished, those who are interested can study in the monastic college, become part of the nunnery administration staff or become teachers at the school or nunnery. There are classes at Tara Abbey for new nuns and some older nuns to achieve literacy in three languages (Tibetan, English and Nepali).


Schedule 日程表
05:30-06:30 Prayer 祈請
06:30-07:00 Washing 盥洗
07:00-07:30 Breakfast 早餐
07:30-08:00 Ready for school 上學(坐校車)
08:00-15:30 School time 學校時間
15:30-16:00 back to nunnery 回到寺院
16:00-16:30 Tea time 茶時間
16:30-17:00 Game time 娛樂
17:00-18:00 Homework 家庭作業
18:00-19:00 Dinner 晚餐
19:30-21:30 Self-study 自修

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