Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Khenpo Karma Drodul's teaching at the Abbey

Khenpo Karma Drodul with Tsokdra Nuns after completing the Ngondro study Curse
Last day of the Ngondrup Class, Tsokdra Nuns
Last day of the Ngondro Class, Tsokdra nuns
Khenpo Karma Drodul with Shedra Nuns in Class
Khenpo with Upper Sherim student after completing Vajrayana vow curse

Khenpo Karma Drodul has been teaching Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan Grammar and composition to the nuns at the Shedra at Thrangu Tara Abbey for the last three years. He also taught the preliminary practice (Ngondro) from the Chakchen Nyidon Dronme to the Tsokdra nuns and has just completed the curse last week. We are happy to share some of pictures here. The first three pictures were taken on the last day teaching to the Tsokdra nuns at the abbey and the last two pictures were taken with the Shedra students (Upper sherim class) after the completion of the teachings on Vajrayana vows.

We, the administration of Thrangu Tara Abbey, would like to thank Khenpo Karma Drodul for his excellent teachings and tired less support to the nuns' higher Buddhist studies.

At present there are four other Nun teachers who are teaching the nuns at the shedra. All four of them has done their Shastri degree from the University of Higher Buddhist Studies in Sarnath, Varanas, U.P. India. They are now teaching at the shedra and giving their private Acharya examinations at the same university. They are Ani Karma Dolma, AniChungta, Ani Tenzin Sangmo and Ani Phuntsok Dolma.

We would also like to thank them for their great support for the shedra nuns.

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