Thursday, July 08, 2010

Acupuncture 針灸療法


學習中醫針灸療法 - 結業儀式

student of Chinese Acupuncture
with Teacher's on graduation day

Doctors of Tibetan medicine 藏醫
Eight nuns have completed their studies of traditional Tibetan medicine with a doctor who was trained under the famous Shakar Rinpoche (known as Shakar Amji) who passed away here several years ago. They are now holding medical clinics at the abbey and also make traditional Tibetan medicine and incense. Further, with the intention of benefiting the patients from outside, they have also opened a clinic outside the monastery around the swoyambhu stupa. They have been going on field trips in the Himalayan regions to find medicinal plants. During these expeditions, they sleep in tents and cook outdoors for themselves.

他們在寺內製造藏香, 並且在自生佛塔
(swoyambhu stupa)
附近開了一個診所, 利益寺內尼眾也幫助附近的居民。
而藏香所得收入將作為尼眾的醫藥支出費 。

Charity bazaar 義賣

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